Las Vegas Barking Club
702- 462 -9232
Las Vegas Barking Club offers individual, private dog training classes for you and your family.   We focus mainly on obedience training, regardless of age of dog, and behavior modificiation.  We deal with mild aggression issues in dogs.  We service Henderson, Rhodes Ranch, Green Valley, Summerlin, and some spaces in between.  Just call and ask.  We would love to help!  We do believe that properly training your dog takes hard work on both the dog and the owners part.   It truly is training the people as much as the dog.

Basic Obedience classes are usually taught as four sessions about two weeks apart from eachother.
You and your pup will learn:

Come When Called
Loose Leash Walking
Take It/Leave It
Drop It

We will also go through discussion for potty training, play biting, jumping up, and any other issue you may be experiencing  to help your family get off to a great start!

Individual classes are usually designed to help you with one or two behavior specific problems you may be having.  These are not limited to but could include:
Seperation Anxiety
Not responding to his/her name
Destruction of property
Potty Training
Excessive Barking
Jumping Up

Many other things could be included on this list.  How many classes are usually decided upon in the initial meeting when the trainer can assess what is going on and how to fix it.   Could be only one class needed to take you through the basics.  Other problems require follow ups to see what progress is being made.