Las Vegas Barking Club
Las Vegas Barking Club provides one, two, three or four 30 or 45 minute visits to your home while you are away.  We realize some older clients or ones with medical conditions may need even more than this and we are willing to work with them.

Some of the benefits to pet sitting are:

Reduced stress for your pet(s).   Staying in the home environment with familiar sights and smells and sounds can relieve the tension of you being gone.  They still have their beds, food bowls and toys to play with to appease them.  

Less chance of illness.  Pet sitting, by its nature, is solitary for the pet.  Not being around alot of other dogs means no exposure to eye/ear diseases or even something more.  We have signed up multiple clients over the years because of large veterinarian bills after a vacation.

Personal attention.  Your pet(s) will receive one on one walks, love, and time with thier pet sitter.  These things are almost impossible to receive in any other environment for pet boarding.  The special attention may be what the pet enjoys the most from the pet sitting experience. 

Typical Visit

Each visit usually consists of letting the dog out to potty and bm (either through walks or backyard), feeding and watering every pet, and some form of exercise (walking, ball throwing) for them.  We also do home security measures at this point including bringing in mail, bringing in any packages/newspapers, opening and closing blinds, and turning different lights on/off.  At the end of all the visits we will leave you a note on how they did, if we noticed any health issues or anything else that may require attention by you upon return.

Ultimately the visits are custom made for your household by us before you leave.   The pre-service visit is a free visit done before you leave for vacation.  At that time we go through any pet specifics and house specifics that are needed for the job.   We will ask some medical history questions and need a way to access the house before we leave this visit.  It allows us to meet you, meet your pets and make you feel comfortable about who you are leaving in charge of your pet(s) well being.

"We went away for a few weeks and they checked on our pets 3 times a day.  They got fed, walked, and we came home to an accident free zone with happy pets!  They even brought in our packages that got delivered while we were away!" 
-John K.


30 Minute Visits        $18.00 Single Visit/Day
  $36.00 Two Visits/Day
         $51.00 Three Visits/Day

    45 Minute Visits      $23.00  Single Visit/Day    
$46.00 Two Visits/Day
  $65.00 Three Visits/Day

60 Minute Visits are also available

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